Top 7 best sites of the moment

I want to share with you the sites I think that are the best at the moment. Most of the sites I listed above are fun and comedy websites. I also included one news site and one life improvement site. Here is the list with my top 7 website picks and why I choose them.

I like Diply because it features crazy and fun news around the world. It is definitely my first pick when I have some time to kill or I have a break from work or study. It has a strong community of users, millions of visitors each month and the founders of the website could say that “we are the fastest growing website ever”. And they are right. My favourite section is the Inspirational section because I learn a lot about other people and their stories which are truly empowering. If you don’t know about Diply, then I suggest you check it out now and bookmark it.
9Gag? Hell yes! This is my top pick when looking for a quick funny time. I enjoy surfing this website because it has many funny pictures to see, many memes, many categories as well. I recently checked their newest category No Fear No Fun! There is some creepy stuff in there, but fun too. There is also an app that can be downloaded on your mobile phone so you can stay up to date with the news at 9Gag.
This site caught my eye very long time ago. was founded in 1999 and soon became very popular due their comedy content. I like this site simply because they have so much original funny articles, pics, videos. The section I visit the most on this website is the WTF section. I see what funny weird things people around the world are up to. Politics is also a thriving topic approached in a funny way.
I like TheOnion. They are one of the best source of news and they have their own store where they sell t-shirts and cups. As a news website, it doesn’t quite fit in this list among the funny ones I mentioned. But I picked it because I think it is one of the best sources of news out there, and because I caught myself visiting it frequently.
Going on with the list, the fifth pick is TheChive. This website is very catchy. I hunt every new post because I know it’s gonna be good. I find here the funniest gaming, cats and entertainment pictures. This website is also my source of a good laugh in the morning when I have my breakfast.
Now another fun website. I like this one because of its approach to various areas of life. I find it pretty hilarious, and since its beginning I turned into a regular visitor. Geek Universe is my favourite section here because there are fun pics and jokes geeks and gamers like me understand. I also take a look at their Memebase and FAIL Blog because they are quite funny too.
And last but not least, LifeHacker which I enjoy visiting basically every day. I find this site very useful and informative with a touch of youth and creativity. I also like to be updated with the latest tech and gadget news, as well as new ways to do things easily. From opening stubborn jars, cracking pistachio with a garlic press to building a Raspberry Pi Retro Game Console, LifeHacker did teach me new ways to hack and improve some areas of my life.