• Online sports betting – how to do it right

    Online sports betting – how to do it right

    Not only that online sports betting can substantially increase your income, but it can also be fun if it’s done in a responsible and smart way. Check out our recommendations for new bettors. Also, after you’re done with that, you could check out this Betfair promo code to start betting at a reputed online bookmaker. Responsible betting behaviour The single […]

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  • How to make money by playing online video games

    How to make money by playing online video games

    When it comes to gaming there are hundreds of ways to make money. From having a career as a game tester, gaming youtuber or blogger, and even gambler or winning games competitions, all are ways to make money by playing video games.

    I think that for a person who loves to play games, making money out of it is the best thing that can happen. It’s the ideal career!

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  • Game review: Borderlands 2

    Game review: Borderlands 2

    This is one of the best first person shooter game I have played. It’s a game that can be played also with friends in a co-op mode. Having some help is always useful in this game where enemies come from every corner. Borderlands 2 is a lot of fun to play, it has good graphics, good plot, great characters to […]

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  • 2017 Upcoming PC Games

    2017 Upcoming PC Games

    Here are just three of the games I really look forward to this Spring! Resident Evil 7: Biohazard The game is a first shooter survival horror game. This is a much better improved game than Resident Evil 5 and 6. It is going to be a bit disturbing, as some parts of the game have been released to the gaming […]

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  • Game review: Payday 2

    Game review: Payday 2

    Payday 2 is one of my favourite game for two reasons: bank heists and badass soundtracks. Anyone can agree with me that the music from this game is just the number one reason why they’d choose to go loud on a heist. Maybe I’ve been a bit too fast here. So let me start again with the beginning. Payday 2 […]

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  • Movie Review: Suicide Squad 2016

    Movie Review: Suicide Squad 2016

      Spoiler Alert! Suicide Squad is a movie I’ve seen recently. It was fun to see a team of villains working together to rescue the world from destruction. However, the very well marketed movie had its ups and downs, but in my opinion it’s not a great movie. It also has low ratings on most movie rating sites. Joker is […]

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